04 October 2007

don gerard, fashion plate

behold! the winner of the inaugral williwear prize, don gerard...

have you looked simply dashing in your fine williwaw ± ensemble tee? let the good folks know of your dashing ways. sure, you're no don gerard, but we know you got style, brothers and sisters. jealous? let the good folks know and you'll get one of your very own - 'tis true!
note: williwear is an actual and notable fashion label begun by willi smith (r.i.p.); well before there was the throng of African-American owned labels [For Us By Us (FUBU) and its ilk], there was williwear. i'm guessing a bit of homophobia mixed with the great (though definitely not continental) divide between street and haut couture circles played a part in his general obscurity. suck on that, Phatties.

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