26 October 2008

october folly

to paraphrase a review of the first williwaw release, sixty minutes of dolby (c) reduced noise, details are sketchy on the recent outing of williwaw at the final outing of third annual chicago calling arts festival at AV-aerie. there were some technical difficulties during the evening - strangely not associated with williwaw's usual festooning horde of failures. one of the difficulties involved playing the short films, which allowed the bounty of williwaw to fill time and space with ben billington on a few pieces of batterie, jon godston on soprano sax and greg o'drobinak on a device of his own fiendish crafting, the arc of the oven. we didn't even notice when the films finally started to roll. there is apparently no sonic proof of the evening, but there is this photogravure (courtesy rebecca mcallister):

o'drobinak, godston, williwaw & billington at AV-aerie, chicago usa.

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