19 October 2007

intruder alert, intruder alert

the last post hereabouts (finally posted this very day) waxed on the greatness of the Van Halen album track, Intruder, and its place in williwaw lore. yesterday, an intruder broke into the house, took the laptop, a digital camera, and a fishbowl full of coins. fu¢king intruder. i blame michael anthony. for everything.

years ago (about 10½, to be approximate), in a house no longer there, behind the champaign public library, there was a break-in. that perpetrator broke the kitchen window, took a cup of coins, peter pollack's leather jacket (leaving their lesser jacket behind), and made themselves a tuna salad and cherry tomato sandwich with their hands. that, in retrospect, was hilarious. this break-in, not so much so. thanks for nothing, michael anthony.


Hon Don Gerard said...


Our home was broken into shortly after we moved in (guy only took a handful of coins - foreign ones, no less, which helped lead to his eventual arrest).

We were out of town, but the cops asked our neighbors if it seemed to them "normal" for our house to appear ransacked (it had not, we had just moved in and had crap everywhere).

When speaking to investigators I joked, "It looks like the poor guy might've tripped over our junk" and the detective replied, "Uh, actually, that was one of our guys."

Anonymous said...

Where was Rob Arrol on that day 10 1/2 years ago? He was prone to borrowing Peter's things and, I heard, enjoyed Tuna.

Hon Don Gerard said...

Merzbow car CD release...brilliant.

Unknown said...

I seem to remember a conversation that fateful night that went something like this:

Bill: It appears that someone broke in and made a tuna salad sandwich.
Peter: Mmmmmmmmmmm. Tuna salad [begins moving toward the fridge].
Bill: Ummm, I think they used their hands.