10 October 2007

a stable build

donkeyscratch industries, the home of williwaw and the williwaw ensemble, now has a fully stable build, that is, a fully built stable. no, that's not it. a bicycle built for two. no, a (fingers-crossed) error-free website. i'm sure there's something about it that isn't W3 compliant, but it's rather close, b'golly.

and the content - oh! the content! - so many sounds to hear! here a sound, there a sound, everywhere a sound-sound. yes, even sound-sounds.

some of the content is runnin' on less than a full tank, but it keeps a-comin', b'gosh 'n' golly.


Hon Don Gerard said...

Content is vastly overrated. I have run multiple blogs, written numerous newspaper columns and had untold hours of saloon conversations completely devoid of any "meaningful" content.

Lynndi Lauper said...

I agree. Why waste time on content when you can trash form hither and yon, blissfully unconcerned?