29 October 2007

this jug is always full

old-time goodness has come to the youtuberie - behold! the finest of champaign and vermilion counties...

unfortunately there is no documentation of a cornlikkers show at the former blind pig co. venue, circa the same time, which featured the unique and posilutely riveting double jug attack of jim and gerald. gerald also joined the williwaw endeavour on tuba in a loving rendition of færies wear boots with bill and meghan on saxamaphones. alas, there is no known document of that massive outing, either. pity the færies, pity the jugs.


Frank Gill said...

Who's this Kenny Rainey fellow? (And always spell check your comments before hitting the PUBLISER KOMMENTAREN DIN button, kids.)

MOBRA said...

hello...you have been on my "people to track down" list for so long, but sadly I only review this list in my head while walking through parking lots, sitting at playgrounds with my kids, etc. When I'm at the computer, I sit and sit and think and think...hmm...what did I want to look up?...the exchange rate for Euros?...how many grams a pound weighs? [fast forward to next day walking my daughter in to school] "D'oh!!! I need to google Bill and track him down!"

I assume this is you, Bill. If so, email me: phawley@phawley and my domain is a non-profit.

Hey! Frank Gill!!!! awesome!


Unknown said...

Kenny Rainey was a rather lame joke on my part. I interviewed the great steel guitarist Speedy West a few days before we taped that spot. He greeted me with a "Kenny! how are you, boy?" It amused me at the time. Nothing more to it than that, I'm afraid.

That green suit is the same suit I was married in.