25 February 2008

the great hiatus

the most recent williwaw show was the 22nd of march, 2005 - opening for the incomparable ed burch. yes, 2005. well, now there's an asterisk there.

on saturday, the 16th of february, williwaw wandered in late to an open-mike 'ukulele event, the Ukulele Cabaret at Silvie's Lounge. the notice for the event included such gems as "costumes, skits and props are encouraged" - euf. Precisely not the scene of choice. But as mild mannered "bill" the artist otherwise known as williwaw played a short ditty with an EHX 2880 and an old rebuilt Gibson amp (purchased at an estate auction in Rantoul, and last heard on airwaves passing through the galaxy, sent from WEFT in 1997. the sound of the amp dying is heard on the mighty disc, shimmering coaster of light). the ditty was received cordially by those in attendance, especially the feller in the tropic shirt and straw hat with his fingers in his ears - an aesthetic, not acoustic, choice. A return to the stage, true, but definitely with a whimper, not a roar. so, in short, outside of porch-side yanni-esque romps for fireworks with the incomparable kip rainey, williwaw hasn't played in public since 2005*.

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