04 March 2008

an unstable fill

euf. now i've really done it. realizing that there wasn't much point in having these bits o' malarkey "published" to my wee domain, donkeyscratch.com, this li'l bulletin had migrated over to the Googles for java readiness, as well as trying to fix some error that had found its way -ahem- somehow -ahem- into the template. the good news? hopefully this li'l bit of bulletinizations will be java-ready, and look ma, it's got labels! (sigh). the bad news? it's now all a complete mess, and i can't resolve a CNAME/DNS issue for the life o' me. i've always been a terrible host, and now, a terrible webhost. hopefully all will be resolved - as soon as the terrible host can wrest themselves away from wrangling with Pisarenko's method.

another great moment in ego-based browsing
someone has made a williwaw presence on last.fm. i'm not sure how that particular series of tubes works, but b'golly, i'm trying to learn all the same. thanks, someone.

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Hon Don Gerard said...

Pig and Bear! Pig and Bear!!!