25 September 2008

williwaw dancer, your life is calling

williwaw will be taking part in the third annual chicago calling arts festival, playing sonic counterpoint to an experimental film by rona mark.

SUNDAY | 12. OCTOBER 2008 | 7 PM
AV-Aerie 2000 W FULTON #310

also taking part in the evening's aesthetic panoply are lisa abbatomarco, laura evonne steinman, dave awl, rachel thorne germond, insook choi, carol genetti, sid yiddish and the clean boys.

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williwaw said...

the ever-burgeoning line-up for the evening follows:

* Lisa Abbatomarco (Chicago) collaborating with Laura Evonne Steinman (Weston, MA)

* Dave Awl (poetry)

* Ditch Pigs

* Na Zhom Bwha (Look at Me!) -- composition for solo vocal / movement performer; a collaboration between Chicago choreographer / dancer Rachel Thorne Germond & New York City based composer Insook Choi

* music, film & poetry: williwaw (amplified ukulele), Rona Mark (video), Annie Heckman (video), Regina Baiocchi (poetry) & Nia Freshman (video)

* Carol Genetti (voice) & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (voice)

* $2 Cockroach featuring Sid Yiddish (Chicago), collaborating with Clean Boys (Denmark)