23 November 2008

random sound cavalcade #23

reasonable fresh sounds... for a change!

the following segment from the williwaw set at brown rice on 15. september 2008 was a false start on several fronts, but nevertheless, the train kept rollin', so there's three and a half minutes of mistake-ridden bits to behold!

the source is Seemless by the never-heralded rock ensemble bale, which included craig abell-champion, michael verzani, an alesis hr16, scott spears, demir o'steen, peter pollack and, for one afternoon, victor cortez. actually, this is just the introduction to that song, rendered as mere drizzle. ooze, even.

this snippet and the rest of the night's williwaw folly can be heard and dowloaded with great abandon at the williwaw sound emporium

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