02 October 2009

chicago is calling, will you accept the charges?

Distance be damned!

On heave-ho hiatus for far too long, beloved comrade williwaw will once again take part in Chicago Calling Cuatro, sending a flurry of zeros and ones through this Series of Tubes to that home so far away from home, Brown Rice, 4432 north kedzie ave, chicago usa, on Friday, 2. October 2009, after 10 pm. That's after 4 am on Saturday for those playing the trans-atlantic version.

The night - tonight, truth be told - is truly a night of stars, no matter what the clouds may think. Making a joyous din will be a true horde of haughty compatriots:
Ritwik Banerji - saxophone
Jimmy Bennington - batterie
Steve Dalanchinsky - poetry (New York City)
Jon Godston - soprano saxophone
Jayve Montgomery - saxophones and percussion
Gregory O’Drobinak - Arc of the Oven
Jim Ryan - kalimba (Oakland)
Michael Staron - bass
Ernesto Sturm Diaz-Infante - bajo sexto (San Francisco)

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