22 February 2010

this one's strictly for the geordies

williwaw will be finally returning to the stage proper, or more properly, the cinema, as part of the third ukulelear meltdown at the star and shadow cinema which lies upon Stepney Bank, a wee lane in Newcastle, which lies upon the Tyne, on Sunday, 28. February 2010 at the easy-going hour of four pm.

not only will the beloved comrade be supplying the stock-in-trade amp'd-uke histrionics to the masquerade, but some manner of workshop entitled Amplifying your uke for a little fun, a lot less friends and absolutely no profit at the wee early hour of eleven am on that same day. A curious time, indeed.

In the meantime, our comrade will be running amok trying to find 35 x 70 cm pieces of paneling. these are the lives we have chosen.

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