14 October 2010

studio-esque living

the last time comrade williaw was in a studio was over eight years ago to record with kip rainey the brilliantly misunderstood the kids are not ready extended player, which can be heard in all its thrilling extended entirety in the studio-esque lives section of the williwaw sound emporium.

next tuesday, to celebrate the defeat of redcoat Cornwallis, williwaw returns to the studio, the Chem19 studio 2 to be a bit more specific. The plan is to rock, skronk and sassify some tracks for the kids, even if the kids are still not ready for 'em. The bit more specific plans are to record recent stalwarts so-do-mi-la and a hymn for billy hayes live, tidy 'em up, and ship 'em out.

here's to a fruitful session - plums, pears and plucked strings, ahoy!

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