01 March 2012

random sound cavalcade #31: (re)building the perfect diversionette

while the horses are on the tracks, and the tracks are being pressed into shimmering coasters of light for the new extended player, the diversionette, set to sail on the fifteenth of march, here is a wee taste - the crudest of "megamixes" - from the SUPER DUPER BONUS CD that comes with every hand-assembled copy of the diversionette. Behold, the the diversionette : return of the earth men remixes !

these wee snippets of snip-and-paste mastery come from the likes of taperecorder (brooklyn usa), gkmachine (glasgow, scotland), skizzwang (planet spudd) and your beloved comrade williwaw. these stalwarts were all part of the december 2011 massive, the night of the earth men. the dream of the earth men lives on!

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