05 June 2012

amp'd uke all day and into the night

16. JUNE 2012
10.00 - 17.00 : 25 Hyndland Street (West End)
19:00 + : 452 Victoria Road (Govanhill)

williwaw fills the Hot Corner of the West End (25 Hyndland Street, the southwest corner of Hyndland and Fordyce, was honest-Abe known as the Hot Corner, as subterranean ovens warmed the pavement back-a-when, and now is home to Unlimited Studios and iota Gallery with six-to-seven unrelenting hours of its merrie din.
later that same day, our comrade makes its way back to its more usual confines, the Go Slow Café (452 Victoria Road, Govanhill), for the ongoing Lights Out! benefit for the South Seeds organisation. The Lights Out! events are nominally an acoustic only affair, but there may be some subtle and not-so-subtle violations that particular evening.

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