18 July 2013

random sound cavalcade #33

a quartet of excerpts of the same laborious material from the most recent episode of the second sunday sipping sounds series at the old hairdressers. why listen to them one at a time when you can play them all at the same or slightly different times? think of the time you'll save - such efficiency! think of the sweet raucous din that you, yes you, can create on your very own - fun!

chinese downhill 1 : here comes harkin

chinese downhill 2 : sunny side up

chinese downhill 3 : sunny side down

chinese downhill 4 : all the way around

1 comment:

williwaw said...

...And yet still more of the same and similar amp'd uke mayhem can be found and what's more downloaded from the williwaw live-esque studies archive. Thanks for your participation.