15 August 2013

random sound cavalcade #37 : more sounds with trains

a special audio-visual edition of the random sound cavalcade (#34 for those who just love a good ol' fashioned countin') with two alive and lo-fi recorded excerpts from the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series, the 14 July and 11 August 2013 episodes.

first up is an awfully ad hoc if not just awful rendition of parts of the first movement of different trains (s. reich) from the 14. July 2013 episode of williwaw's Second Sundays at the Old Hairdo. this material has been previously attempted with this actual one-reel, Our Gang's Sundown Ltd. this time, there was no visual fodder during the audio festivities, but it just might work better than the previous attempts with the visual fodder which was just pasted to the audio after all was strummed 'n' done. Fodder all.

second salvo is an even looser cobbling, with the audio coming from the 11. August 2013 episode of Second Sundays, the second half of a long version - is there any other type of version with this infernal williwaw racket? - of the mister barnes theme (i.e., the plagal cadence number). the visual bits - more trains! - procured from that most procurable of places, the internet archive.

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williwaw said...

Unlike the previous random sound calvacade, it is not altogether recommended that one play these two bits simultaneously, as not only are they have tonal/modal centers a half-step apart, but the absolute tuning goes from roughly standard to Italian organ, a good number of cents flat. Flattened cents - it's not just a gift-shop token, it's a way of Italian-organ life.