01 June 2008


it was all whirlwind, heat and flash...

(photos by kim gollings)

the artist seldom known as williwaw was playing a recent acquisition for the most rollicking event: an eight-string 'ukulele - or taro-patch fiddle, for those organologists among us - with a built-in under-the-saddle transducer and pre-amp. the other two-thirds of the unstable entertainment molecule preferred it to the other numerous ukes available - the sound was admittedly pretty keen for several songs of the evening, and the tuning finally settled before the show, but euf! the string tension was revealing repetitive stress disorders the former artist didn't even know they had - wrist pads and isometric exercises for everyone this holiday season, hoo-boy! two amps were used in an attempt for bass and treble, although one of the amps seemed to provide all frequencies and the other just glistening mud. the kids just love that glistenin' mud. for those who didn't get out of bed in time, the set was a hurried six: Fix Me / Love Is Alive / SWLABR / Crash Course In Brain Surgery (the original Budgie way, not that crapulent cover version) / Hot Blooded + Jukebox Hero / We're An American Band

these guys were weird

the mysterious mister charles found the entertainment molecule to be weird, which is fine by the molecule, and he also took a nice snap of the magic aura of driver has no cash.

(photo by the mysterious mister charles)

A limited number of driver has no cash stickers are still available - Inquire within.

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