01 June 2008

a portrait of your very own shelves

up with availability! the long-player a portrait of shelves is now up in thrilling MPEG-I Audio Layer 3 format (when will the Fraunhofer Society start buying continents with all those residual dollars?).

the album was recorded - channeled, if you will - by the incomparable rick valentin on the thirteenth day of the second month of the two-thousandth year of this current era. it was originally released as a three "mini" (8 cm) compact disc set of extremely limited edition. Subsequent versions had intermissions of public-domain player piano music inbetween what would have been the three discs. it garnered praise from Splendid, including the following pullquote material:
I'm so stunned by the versatility, beauty and ugliness unleashed by this little chunk of aluminum that I took for granted that I don't know whether to love it or fear it.

For those not in on the earlier skinny, also available for your general perusal and up-down-and-side-to-side-loading antics is the extended player the kids are not ready.

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