18 June 2008

random sound cavalcade #12, 13 & 14

more from the vegasmasses volumes. these excerpts come from the great lumbering track trop, recorded -gasp- at the Tropicana casino. though notes are sketchy at best what sort of CoolEdit waveform editing was used to crush, kill and destroy the recorded sound, it highlighted here the underlying drone of the casino, how it really plays upon a simple harmonic system that continues melodic motion without any harmonic motion, regardless of where the recorder wandered. credit should be given to the ever-so-credible phonaut, who encouraged many early parts of the overarching our very lives are being compressed series, including these particular masses. three more excerpts for your mixing, matching, lathering, rinsing and general pleasure.

trop : excerpt one

trop : excerpt two

trop : excerpt three

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williwaw said...

you, yes you, can now take these vegas masses with you, wherever you go through the power of the internet.