16 June 2008

random sound cavalcade #9, 10 & 11

after watching some of Olivo Barbieri's Site Specific short film series, the cavalcade turns its attention to another most particular series: vegasmasses. wandering around the strips - old and new - of las vegas (visiting the undeniable Overlord of the Mightiest Rock, peter pollack) with a minidisc recorder, the sounds of many casinos were captured, crushed and yes, even compressed.
the beauty of las vegas casinos is the attention to aural and visual detail: every doorknob, faucet and throw pillow follows the theme, every sound from every slot machine is in the same key, creating a mellifluous din.
two volumes of large sound masses were originally passed among the precious few, magnifying the aural detail. here are not one, not two, but three excerpts from the lumbering track grand. mix, match, lather, rinse, enjoy.

grand : excerpt one

grand : excerpt two

grand : excerpt three

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williwaw said...

you, yes you, can now take these vegas masses with you, wherever you go through the power of the internet.