25 July 2008

fresh print

comrade alexander gelfand has been a naughty kitten, and soiled his mittens with some fresh proverbial ink on williwaw in jazziz magazine. the textual portions of his fine penning can be found, wonderfully transcribed by my aching tendons (no thanks to the state of OCR software - c'mon, boffins, let's sort this out once and for all) in the williwaw newsbits section. the real article features/frightens with a larger than four-by-six-inch likeness of the artist known sometimes as williwaw and the following pull quote from said likeness
It turned into a horrible - well, not horrible ... let's call it a beautiful train wreck of sound

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williwaw said...

no posting and all travel make williwaw a dull linkist. linkist? linkerator? linkesizer? no matter, the dead links have been fixed. apologies.