14 August 2008

fresh sounds

the artist rather occasionally known as williwaw will be making a return to the stage, well, not exactly stage, but space, and time, and the continuum that lies beneath.

monday 15.09.2008 nine pm
at brown rice
4432 north kedzie avenue

brown rice is the intimate (possibly even cozy) performance space curated by daniel godston and friends that lies just beyond the door under the sign that reads "perfect rubber stamps" (previously known as the candlestick maker curated by michael zerang)

following on the albeit distant heels of the return of driver has no cash and the recent rise in frequency of williwaw in print, will be the return of amplified 'ukulele research. thrills, chills and spills - none of these will be there, but your sonic exorcism is guaranteed.

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Anonymous said...

I will bring cake.