27 January 2015

a most peculiar coincidink

A williwaw, as readers of this (we)blog are no doubt aware, is indeed a thing. It's not only your favourite source for amplified 'ukulele mayhem, but a sudden, violent wind. The word has its roots in Alaska, and there are lakes, trails, schools and publishing companies there in its name. There are also a few books called Williwaw, most notably one of the first novels of Gore Vidal. But are any of these within the realm of magic realism? Perhaps it is indeed randomness, just as the word williwaw was found by our beloved comrade by randomly picking pages in a dictionary decades ago, that there is to be an anthology of short magic-realism fiction published here in Glasgow entitled Williwaw: An Anthology of the Marvellous. Truly just a coincidink? As they say in Indiana, there y'go.

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