14 January 2015

random sound cavalcade #53

It's the 53rd random sound cavalcade! Rejoice! An odd word, rejoice...

And this sound is a fresh one, from the just past episode of the second sunday sipping sounds series (next date: 08 February 2015). But this sound is also a tried-to-tired bit of tune: the well-worn favourite a farewell to mister barnes, which previously has been built around and built up from a plagal cadence (the IV-I for all the Romans). here, it appears that our comrade has nearly forgone with that -- it only appears at the end along with traces of seemless -- and gone on and on and on with the build up. it's all whirlwind, heat and flash. the tuning is a bit off throughout, as the strings were fresh 'n' bright 'n' still stretching ever so slightly during these long journeys at sea.

if shockwave-flash inoperative : a farewell to mister barnes

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