03 April 2016

April showers, part one

It's not just another very special episode of the Second Sunday Sipping Sights & Sounds Series this 10th of April, oh no.
It's Glasgow International season, and in the spirit of the visual art vanguard, we'll be presenting the five films of Ella Bergmann-Michel she made from 1931-1933. Two are advert-like silents with intertitles extolling the virtues of a new elderly home and raising funds for a soup kitchen. The other three more resemble her still work, as collages of scenes taken of street vendors, fishing and the 1932 election campaign. The last serves as a rather stark reminder that these films capture life on the verge of totalitarian collapse. The sound plan will be a touch sparse compared to the usual slabs, attempting to underline the fragile lives and ways of living on display. There's many things vying for one's attention that particular evening, including the close of the Counterflows Festival, Glasgow International installations here 'n' there, but this wee episode of the SSSS&SS will be a real treat, and a rare treat at that - these films cannae be found on a mere internet browsing spree, and the sounds, as always, will be fleeting.

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