04 April 2016

April showers, part two

There's this particular method to finding musical collaborators: you hear someone perform, you like what you hear, you give them a recording of yours, time passes, they get in touch, you collaborate. Trouble is, that method never seems to work. But just this past Saturday afternoon, at the fourth of Tony Bevan's fortnightly free-jazz matinees Help Me, I'm Melting, he asks if I'd like to join for the next session. Hot damn. So, with Bevan on saxophones, Tom Bancroft on drums and Daniel Padden on whatever he fancies that afternoon, our williwaw will be back at the Old Hairdo, playing nice, free 'n' easy with others:
Tony Bevan, Tom Bancroft, Daniel Padden & williwaw
Saturday, 16 APRIL 2016, 2 PM
The Old Hairdressers (Gallery)
27 Renfield Lane, Glasgow

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