09 October 2009

random sound cavalcade #26

another round o' tasty vittles from the incomparable colin-padrick charles. the williwaw source material for this fine bit o' stürm-und-tanzen is pierpont, the first offering from shimmering coaster of light - you know, the school-bus song.

mister charles also went under the guise of saint pokie, making better musicks with Reactor, ten fingers and the truth than one could think possible.

the original bombast and all its bombastic brethren from the shimmering coaster of light collection can now be procured through the usual unusual means - the bartering of hogsheads to bushels - and thereafter heard in its unconfounded entirety at your whim and leisure. That is, if you ain't got it, you can gets it. And boy howdy, you'll gets it but good.

1 comment:

phonaut said...

Fine material from a classic and prolific St Pokie era.